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quality-certified raw materials

Extract from the Specific Quality Assurance and Test Specifications for Memorial Candles RAL-GZ 041/4

4-1 Scope

The evenly mixed fuel is placed into a container.

The products are intended to burn continuously, i.e. until self-extinguishing, in or outside a grave lantern outdoors, both at temperatures above and below 0°C.

This includes the special group of oil lights and composition oil lights.

Within this scope, “memorial lights” need to meet the requirements of the Quality Mark for Candles.

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4-2 Quality specifications

4-2.1 Requirements for raw materials

Appendix 1 “Requirements for raw and auxiliary materials for health protection” does not apply.

4-2.2 Visual and technical requirements

4-2.2.1 Appearance/container quality/wick arrangement

The wick and the wick holder must be centrally arranged.

When viewed without technical aids, the surface of the candle body must be free of impurities. During the entire burn process until self-extinguishing, the container must prevent the molten fuel from spilling.

4-2.2.2 Burn time

A quality-certified product can be marketed either with an explicit indication of the minimum burn time or without such information. In the case of explicit indication, the burn time must be checked for average compliance.

If “approx.” or “±” is specified, a negative tolerance of 10% is permissible.

4-2.2.3 Burning properties

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4-3 Test specifications

The burning process is tested in a test room with a room temperature between 15°C and 25°C.

The following distinction must be made:

  • Memorial candle models without a lid are burned in a grave lantern,
  • memorial candle models with a lid are free-standing when burning.

The grave lantern used for the test must be appropriately designed, i.e. the following design features are recommended:

  • Dimensions: e.g. 10 cm wide, 10 cm deep, 20 cm high. The interior of the lantern must be large enough to ensure sufficient space remains between the memorial candle container and the walls and cover of the lantern, i.e. at least 3 cm to the sides and at least 5 cm to the top.
  • The lantern must ensure a sufficient inflow of air and outflow of combustion gases.

4-4 Overall assessment

Test Report
Award Certificate