RAL Gütezeichen für Kerzen


raw materials

RAL Gütezeichen für Kerzen

A candle must burn as shown — not this way!

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raw materials


RAL Gütezeichen für Kerzen


Candlelight dinner

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RAL Gütezeichen für Kerzen

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Quality Mark for Candles

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Frequently asked questions regarding candle burning properties

Are there any differences in quality between drawn, cast and pressed candles?

  • No — the production type has no influence
  • What matters is that good-quality raw materials are used

Does the colour of the candle influence the burning properties?

  • Yes — the colour can have a significant influence in some circumstances
  • Depends on
    • Processing (dipped/solid colour)
    • Nature of colouring (liquid/pigments)

How are candles cared for?

  • Shorten the wick
  • Keep burn pool around wick clean:
    • Reduced suction effect of the wick
    • Risk of “second wick”
  • Cut back edges (max. 10–15 mm)
  • Make sure pillar candles are given sufficient time to burn

How fast do candles burn?

  • Hourly burning rate: 7-10 g

Why do some candles crackle?

  • Wick has absorbed water (humidity)
  • Major impairment of burning properties

Why do some candles drip/spill?

  • Draught in the room
  • Temperature too high
  • Candle is not vertical
  • High pigment content
  • Absorbency of wick reduced

Why if a candle flickers/produces soot?

  • Wick too long
  • Flickering: – Edge of candle too high (supply of oxygen)
  • Flaw in weaving of wick
  • Improper wax/wick dimensions

Why do candles briefly emit soot when lit?

  • Suction effect of the wick not yet fully established
  • Brief discharge of soot

Why do candles often burn less effectively in lanterns?

  • Many lanterns look good but work poorly

Why do some candles go out by themselves?

  • Wick rolls up and sinks into the fuel
  • Wick clogs with dyes/impurities
  • Candle is designed to be self-extinguishing

What is the best way to extinguish a candle/burning wax?

  • Candle: Candle snuffer
  • Burning wax: Fire blanket/fire extinguisher