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Innovations of the Quality Association for Candles

The Quality Association for Candles stands for quality and progress in candle manufacture.

Below you will find some of the innovations that we have implemented in recent years.


The RAL Quality Mark for Candles as a European Warranty Mark

The RAL Quality Mark has been recognised by the European Union as a Guarantee Mark. This means that the rules of the RAL Quality Mark are legally recognized throughout Europe.

Revision of the RAL Quality Mark for Candles

RAL has approved the revision of the quality and test specifications after the successful completion of the RAL consultation process.

The revision contains above all clarifications on how to:

– Audits by external auditors, in particular DEKRA

– Burning time specifications for grave yard lights

– Test methods for the determination of limit values for ingredients with health relevance


Comprehensive spot checks in commercial sector for all pillar candles with RAL quality marks on a quarterly basis


DEKRA tests iPad app for measuring flame height.

This measurement method may become a quality mark standard from 2020.


Comprehensive spot checks in commercial sector for all tealights with RAL quality marks on a quarterly basis

Consideration of BGH decision on “tested by LGA” from 2016 in the quality mark environment.

RAL Quality Mark for Candles


Revision of quality assurance and test specifications with the following objectives:

Further reduction of heavy metal limits according to the Alara principle

For the first time, requirements around the flammability of plastic containers

Coming into force: 1 January 2017


New quality assurance and test specifications in force since 1 December 2015

The quality assurance and test specifications have

  • a simplified structure
  • only minor changes in content
    • a new chapter 041/2, “Lights”
      • changes only for
        • 2-3.2 Brennzyklen
        • 2-3.5 Brennmassenrückstand (Anhebung auf 3g)
  • A clear definition of “tealights” as follows:

These specific quality assurance and test specifications apply to tealights.


  • Have a fuel material mass with an outside diameter of 36–39 mm and a maximum height of 17 mm
  • Do not contain additional fragrances, colours or beeswax
  • Are burned in a non-combustible container, made e.g. of metal, glass or plastic. The container prevents the fuel from escaping

Within this scope, the “Tealights” product needs to meet the requirements of the Quality Mark for Candles.

Quality Assurance and Test Specifications for Candles — RAL-GZ 041 

Approval of a major revision of QA and test specifications

  • with clarification of the requirements for wicks
  • and complete synchronisation of requirements for scented candles with IFRA standards

Coming into force and publication after approval by RAL (expected in September 2015).

Development of an app for the precise measurement of flame height during the entire burn time.


QA and test specifications amended

  • Elimination of the minimum weight for tealights while maintaining the requirements for flame height and minimum burn time
  • Definition of test methods to be used for paints and varnishes


Test programmes for alternative test methods for PAH and sulphur

Renewing the recognition of suppliers of

  • candle fuels
  • paints and varnishes
  • wicks
  • fragrances

Recognition ensures quality in the supply chain through

  • Supplier obligation to adhere to quality mark standards
  • Established QM systems of suppliers, monitored by Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen e. V.

For the first time, requirements for alternative fuels and fuel mixes more precisely defined, achieving an extremely low level of pollutant emissions and sustainable usability.


Requirements for paints and varnishes heightened. Heightened requirements take into account

  • public discussion
  • Demands of NGOs, which were introduced as a quality mark standard in the absence of state regulations or were significantly stricter than state-defined threshold values