no soot or smoke

quality-certified raw materials

RAL Quality Mark for Candles

RAL Quality Mark for Candles

Supervised by DEKRA, Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen e.V., the European Quality Association for Candles, carries out impartial testing and monitoring to ensure:

  • A high standard of quality

  • A high utility value

  • Safety (never leave lit candles unattended regardless!)

And most importantly: Our requirements for ingredients are far stricter than those stipulated by law – worldwide.

How does the consumer benefit?

  • Candles that display quality marks do not produce visible smoke or soot

    This is tested by DEKRA in accordance with the test specifications of Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen e.V. The test conditions correspond to typical use indoors without draughts.

  • Candles with quality labels burn well — all the way down

    Candles burn evenly and do not drip. The customer can be sure that the specified burning time is maintained.

  • Candles with quality marks can be relied upon

    every one offering a favourable appearance, shape, colour shade, dimensions and wick — in other words, dependable.

  • Candles with quality marks have no negative health effects

    This is ensured by the strict limits imposed. These limits are repeatedly checked and safeguarded by a certified quality management system in the supply chain. For the customer, this means: PAH, heavy metals, sulphur, etc. are a no-no. This applies to all candles, including all candle components, such as burning materials, colouring, varnishes, wicks, fragrances.

Which products are allowed to display the RAL Quality Mark for Candles?

Candles may display the “RAL Quality Mark for Candles” European trademark only if the manufacturer has successfully completed the acceptance process for the European Quality Association for Candles. This allows DEKRA to commence testing the manufacturer’s various candle products. For each candle with quality mark, a report from DEKRA is produced on the test passed. To ensure that these results are fair and honest, DEKRA tests samples taken from the market on a monthly basis.

Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen e.V. has set the RAL Candle Standard – worldwide

The “Quality Mark for Candles” is a RAL quality mark: The RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling, “RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V.”, is responsible for ensuring that RAL quality marks are used properly. The institute ensures that an RAL quality mark really does represent above-average quality, describing test specifications meaningfully and accurately. The “Quality Mark for Candles” was recognized by RAL in August 1997.

The “Quality Mark for Candles” is awarded by Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen e.V.: It is currently held by 38 European manufacturers (19 of whom are from Germany). Together, they account for significantly more than 50% of the total European production of about 650,000 tonnes per year. The quality mark standard is a generally accepted standard in the industry. It became the model for European standard EN 15426.

However, the “RAL Candle Standard” only defines the requirements. It is the RAL Quality Mark for Candles trademark, with its extensive testing and monitoring system – carried out impartially by DEKRA Testing and Certification – that ensures each candle also meets the requirements of the “RAL Candle Standard”.