Candles in summer – indispensable!

Garden parties, family celebrations, romantic dinners or a little evening relaxation break with a glass of wine on the balcony – unthinkable without candlelight. On summer evenings, candlelight creates a very special, romantic and inviting atmosphere. These can be simple candlesticks, single thick candles or tea lights in glasses and tea light holders that spread a cosy light on the table, ledges or walls – the more the merrier.

Above all, lanterns and storm lanterns in various sizes and shapes are an absolute must as attractive decorative elements. They are also real eye-catchers during the day, made of different materials, grouped together or as solitaires, but in the evening they form small or larger islands of light and contribute to the atmosphere, lighting and safety on steps or landings. Models with cut-outs or metal struts create interesting patterns and shadows. Depending on the size of the candles, pleasant, warm light is provided for long periods of time.

Hanging lights in trees, bushes, on trellises or canopies illuminate the outdoor area on a higher level. They add depth, excitement and a sense of mystery to the garden. Torches can be placed flexibly in the ground or in large flower pots. Floating candles make water surfaces, whether decorative bowls, water basins or garden ponds, sparkle and reflect.

Last but not least, candles scented with citronella, lavender or lemongrass can keep pesky mosquitoes and other unwanted insects away.

Candlelight is lively, calming and relaxing. High-quality candles with the RAL Quality Mark are made from natural, environmentally friendly raw materials, mainly in Europe. They burn slowly, evenly, soot-free and drip-free, they are safe and do not release any harmful substances. This means that nothing stands in the way of natural, harmless and sustainable enjoyment.