Hygge into spring!

The Danes are known to be experts in a relaxed, laid-back and enjoyable lifestyle – hygge. And candlelight makes an indispensable contribution to this. No hygge without candles. It is not for nothing that the Danes’ candle consumption is at the top of the European league table.

End the last winter afternoons and evenings in a hygge cosy atmosphere with candlelight – if that doesn’t sound very tempting. Add a sheepskin or woollen blanket, tea, coffee or mulled wine, nice music, a tablet or a book – the only thing missing is atmospheric lighting for pure relaxation. Candlelight is pleasing to the eye, exudes a cosy, inviting atmosphere and provides the perfect setting for a cosy little break, whether alone, as a couple or in a larger group. Lighting candles creates a special, festive and mindful moment, showing appreciation for yourself, your loved ones and your guests.

Candlelight not only illuminates the room, but also serves as a little mood enhancer on short, dull days and long evenings. As scented candles, flavoured with your favourite natural fragrance, it has a stimulating (citrus, mint), calming (lavender) or cheering (bergamot) effect.

In contrast to LED lighting, the light from wax candles is more vivid and natural. Candles are often made in Germany or Europe. High-quality candles labelled with the RAL Quality Mark have a high quality standard. They do not drip, smoke or soot, burn slowly and evenly and, above all, do not release any substances that are harmful to health. Strict limit values for certified candles guarantee that they do not pose any health risks.