Nothing beats candlelight!

The pre-Christmas period is the wedding season for atmospheric candlelight.

Real candlelight is alive, reflected in children’s eyes and flickers vividly in the breeze. What a festive moment when the candles on the Advent wreath or Christmas tree are lit with a match and what fun for children to blow out these lights again later. Wax candles exude an unmistakable scent of honey, spices, flowers or citrus fruits – there are endless variations. Candlelight symbolises life, romantic rendezvous and the glow of Christmas lights. The soft light ensures relaxation, deceleration and cosiness.

Unlike LED candles, real candles are often made in Germany or Europe. They leave no electronic waste behind. They are available in countless sizes, in diverse, often artistic shapes and in a huge range of colours. Candles are an indispensable decorative element and can be customised to suit almost any occasion and ambience.

Sometimes they may seem practical, but the energy-intensive LED lights, usually produced in the Far East, can never compete with an individually decorated christening or birthday candle, the wax lights on an Advent wreath or a festive candlestick.