What would romance be without candlelight?

February 14th is Valentine’s Day

For many, a romantic candlelight dinner is simply part of the “lovers’ holiday” on February 14. The Gütegemeinschaft is therefore giving away a great wooden candle set for all lovers (and of course all those who still want to fall in love). Each candlestick is unique and will transform your home into a romantic retreat in no time at all.

The prize also includes a small supply of tea lights so that you can get started right away. In assured RAL quality, of course. You can recognize candles and lights in RAL quality by the candle quality mark. Candles and lights with this

seal of quality do not drip, do not soot and are made from high-quality raw materials. In addition, tea lights with the seal of quality burn for at least four hours. Guaranteed!

So take part and secure your chance to win this great prize. Anyone over the age of 18 can take part here:

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The Gütegemeinschaft Kerzen wishes you every success with romantic greetings.

People think of hearts in all imaginable shapes and flowers in all different colors and sizes: February 14 is Valentine’s Day, and it’s the most romantic day of the year. But what would romance be without candlelight? And so candles are an inseparable part of this day for lovers and all those who want to send a message of affection to other people in any form.

As an alternative to a floral greeting or as an addition to it, wrapped in a lovely poem or surrounded by sweet chocolate – showing your affection to your loved one in a waxy form will ultimately melt many a heart as well as the candle wax. A candle provides soft light for a romantic evening and, depending on the occasion, a pleasant fragrance. On top of that, there is a variety of shapes and colors. And if you pay attention to the RAL Quality Mark on the packaging, you can be sure that the candle will burn beautifully and safely. Depending on the shape, the beautiful piece should not suffocate in its own wax, leak or otherwise pose a hazard within a very short time.

According to legend, Valentine’s Day goes back to St. Valentine, who secretly gave lovers flowers from his garden and married them according to the Christian rite in times of Christian persecution. He is said to have been executed for this on February 14. It was also sometimes believed that a girl would marry the man she saw first on this day. Or some attribute the custom of giving romantic gifts on this day to the fact that it was the birthday of the Roman goddess Juno, who regularly received flower offerings on this day.

So there are many different interpretations, although the name itself is most likely to support the first option, namely that of St. Valentine. And in the end, one important insight remains: no matter where the custom ultimately comes from, what could be nicer than showing someone else that you care about them with a little gift? For example, with a loving candle greeting.