Enjoy the summer intensively with scented candles

Scented candles offer a wonderful combination of candlelight and – depending on the mood – the appropriate fragrance. Essential and nature-identical fragrances are used to make the candle scents.

Fragrant-floral or animating and invigorating? The aromas and scents that scented candles offer are almost endless. Especially now in summer, scented candles are great companions for many occasions. With many scent compositions, the summer feeling can be experienced intensively.

Particularly trendy are candles that convey typical summer aromas and smell delicately of lavender, roses or spicy herbs and put us in a holiday mood with beautiful feel-good aromas. But it can also be exotic. Some fragrances are reminiscent of oriental or Mediterranean destinations with finely composed coconut or citrus aromas.

Regardless of whether it is a delicate fragrance or an intense aroma. Candle lovers should make sure that the (scented) candles comply with the RAL standard. This ensures a safe and clean burning, which is also checked. For unadulterated candle enjoyment, please also note our general notes on burning candles.