Small candle, big effect

Simply summon the holiday feeling

August is the height of summer. The final spurt for the balmy summer evenings before the approaching fall. This year, many people are simply enjoying their vacation at home on their balconies instead of in faraway countries and spending their free time at home. How nice if you can conjure up a touch of vacation with a few candles.

Have you ever wondered why the same drink tastes different on the beach than on your balcony at home? And why, when you’re on vacation, you naturally take the time for a cappuccino or other indulgence in a street café, but usually forgo it for everyday errands at home? Why is it so difficult to conjure up the famous vacation feeling at home and create small windows of time in everyday life? After all, everyone notices that a different sense of enjoyment sets in on vacation or away from everyday life. And that’s why the wine that was so delicious at your vacation destination tastes different at home, or why you forgo the evening aperitif at home that you sipped so relaxedly at the hotel.

That’s actually a shame, because it’s up to us to let this feeling of being on vacation flash up again and again in our everyday lives. Whether we take time for a coffee in the rush of shopping or pour ourselves a nice drink in the evening. Especially in the evening, the glow of candles helps to create a relaxed and peaceful vacation feeling. When the nights are wonderfully warm at the height of summer, you can easily dream yourself away to other places by the light of candles. And when this relaxed feeling sets in, the wine tastes exactly the same as it did on the beach. Or you can literally feel how your soul relaxes and you breathe deeply. A touch of vacation, created by a little candlelight and the fact that you take the time to dream a little in its light.

Perhaps one or two people have also brought something back from previous vacations – collected shells on the beach, packed a bag full of sand or searched for stones polished smooth by the sea. Such small souvenirs are great for decorating with candles and create even more of a vacation feeling at home. Try out the great effect that even the smallest candle can have.