Jewelry from nature

In autumn, the collector awakens in us

A walk in the fall reveals treasures in abundance. Nature is lavish and people can decorate their homes with it. With little things, the fall decoration is perfect. And if you collect them yourself, you’ll also bring the memory of your walk home with you. Candlelight completes the atmosphere!

Acorns, nuts or rose hips, berries, sloes or chestnuts – who hasn’t regretted on an autumn walk that their jacket pockets weren’t bigger or that they didn’t have a bag to hand? There are so many beautiful things to pick up and with every little treasure, your creativity grows as to how you could present it at home. It doesn’t take much – the fall decorations speak for themselves and candles conjure up the perfect warm light.

Chestnuts, for example, are not only beautiful to look at, but also invite you to let them glide through your fingers on the table. And their prickly shells look just as decorative. Individual lampflower blossoms or physalis draped over them add a splash of autumnal orange color and complete the autumn arrangement.

Or you can put a sprig of berries in your vase. Not all of the beautiful-looking species are harmless to humans, but they are not meant to be eaten, but only to bring the color of the season into your own four walls. Red rose hips, orange sea buckthorn branches or, of course, the plump, blue sloes can all be used in the kitchen and show the variety of colors that autumn offers in nature.

If you still haven’t had enough, you can help yourself to ornamental pumpkins of all kinds on the roadside or in the stores. Whether small or large, round, elongated or imaginatively shaped, and in all the colors of autumn – pumpkins can be used to create a suitable decoration for any environment and in any size. Whether with a large lantern in front of the front door or a small lantern in a glass on the living room table, you are guaranteed a great result in no time at all. It’s the time of year when it gets increasingly cozy at home and people tend to bring nature indoors instead. So how nice that it’s so easy to gather in the fall.